Ipolygate Camping Szob - Services

2015-11-03 15:30:19
The first floor of the serving building is equipped with separated water blocks for women and men. On the ladies-side there are 4 toilets, showers and 4 hot-and-cold lavatories.
2015-11-03 15:31:19
Our camping is animal-friendly, so you can bring along your pets provided you take care of them. There are no extra expenses for your pets.
2015-11-03 15:32:41
The electricity (10 A) can be gained from blocks separated for caravans and flatcars. What is more, you can also charge your mobiles and laptops at the dining room situated at the ground floor.
2015-11-03 15:33:47
Male/Female and kids’ bikes can be rented for those who cannot bring along their own bikes but would like to discover the surroundings by bike.
2015-11-03 15:34:38
There is an outdoor fireplace for our guests, restricted amount of firewood is also assured. If someone has forgotten to bring a marmite pot or skewers, these objects can also be rented.
2015-11-03 16:20:43
Those arriving from the Danube can find a comfortable harbour for small ships, speed boats, boats and kayak-canoes, and with a direct entrance to the camping. For our guests a designated area is provided for sunbathing. At this part of the Danube (between 1708-1706 River Kilometres at the estuary of the Ipoly) the use of speed motors and jet-skis are permitted.

In  the port for sport-boats the guests of the camping are allowed to land small boats and ships. On the pier the sun-lovers can also sunbathe thanks to our arrangement with the port-operating Ipoly Tours Ltd.

2015-11-03 15:37:29
In our camping you can rent caravans for 2-3-4 people as accommodation. The caravans can be equipped with bed-clothes if required. The price of the accommodation can be found in the actual price list.
Sporting facilities
2015-11-03 15:38:27
For children there is a mini-playground and sandbox. If the weather is very hot, we place a sunshade above the sandbox. There are table-tennis tables, nets for volleyball and badminton and a bigger grassy area for football lovers.
Free Wi-Fi
2015-11-03 15:39:00
At the area of the camping the internet access is free, for the joy of our foreign guests. In this way they can instantly contact their relatives at home through phone and through skype.